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Re: login does not ask for password, resets


> > > I have been using OpenBSD 2.2, 2.3pre9, 2.3 and just now have
> > > upgraded to 2.5 on a Sun accellerated Sparc 2 with weitek
> > > processor.  I have had unexplained spontaneous crashes on
> > > uptimes of anywhere from a couple of hours to 4 weeks or more.
> > > I gathered that 2.3 was somewhat unstable on the sparc, hence
> > > the upgrade.  The other reason I upgraded was to take advantage
> > > of the PFKEY additions to IPSec.  I am developping an IPSec
> > > stack for Linux.
> > > 
> > > Now the problem.  Immediately after the upgrade and reboot,
> > > login(1) accepts a UID, then resets, waiting for a new UID
> > > without asking for a password to even attempt authorisation.  I
> > > am able to boot in single-user mode and did so to reset the
> > > passwords, but it occurred to me that it was not even getting
> > > that far...

Another clue, if I try to login with a valid UID twice in a row,
immediately after it fails, it comes back with 'init: getty repeating
too quickly on port /dev/console, sleeping'.

> > > Can anyone give any clue why this is happenning, did I cause
> > > this, and how can it be fixed?
> > > 
> > >         slainte mhath, RGB
> > 
> > This is symtomatic of having done the upgrade with tar without using 
> > the "p" option, so login doesn't have setuid root.
> I did the upgrade by booting miniroot25.fs from /sbus/esp/sd_(_at_)_0,0:b and
> using the tar-gzipped sets from /usr/src/openbsd/2.5/sparc, a mounted
> disk partition.
> The only two errors I got on upgrade were from the xshare and xserv
> upgrade sets that complained they could not erase the existing
> directories, and subsequently wrote over them anyways.  I did not
> think these were serious errors and didn't think they would have any
> bearing on the problems I was encountering.
> > If this is the case, instead of fixing login, I'd suggest that you
> > re-do the entire upgrade as there are lots of problems associated
> > with wrecked permissions (ps, xterm, su, sudo, to mention a few).

The perms on all these programs are -r-sr-xr-x, as I think you expect
for normal operation.

> Do you still recommend re-doing the upgrade?

I did redo it, with no change.

I did not update any part of /etc.  Should I have included a couple of
absolutely necessary files?

I booted into single-user mode and tried running /usr/bin/login on the
command line and came up with 'Bad system call'.  What is going on
here?  How can I fix it?

> > 	Ian Darwin

>         slainte mhath, RGB

	slainte mhath, RGB
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