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Re: Microsoft Exchange Server Connection

On Fri, Jul 02, 1999 at 02:16:36PM -0500, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> > You should (?) be able to login using samba, I think.  I'm not too sure,
> > since I've tried to avoid Windows networks in the past.  Once that is done,
> > you should be able to use pine regularly.
> Yes, Samba supports Domain login, but I'm not sure that it buys you
> anything.  Samba is primarily a file & print service platform.  There's
> smbclient, which provides you an ftp-like interface.  On Linux, you might
> be able to smbmount NT or Samba shares (though there's a lot of work still
> to be done on smbfs).
> So, for E'mail you should be able to use pop or imap.  The NTDomain 
> username/password should work.
> The tougher question is the the one about using Access...  I'd suggest 
> a visit to the archives at Freshmeat.net.

Your best bet for interactive NT applications is some sort of Windows Terminal
Server + Citrix Winframe Client combination.  I was never able to get the 
winframe client to install under openbsd (there's only a linux version, and
the emul stuff just crashed, though I didn't play with it extensively), but
I was able to run it remotely off a neighbor's linux box.

David Terrell
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