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booting problem on i386 (default kernel)


my HD (Seagate 6.5gb) is split into 3 pretty equal sized partitions.
the first two are FAT partitions, and the last one is OpenBSD.

I downloaded OpenBSD 2.5 onto my win32 partition, and booted from floppy
to install.
after install completion, I use the floppy to boot, like this:

boot> boot wd0a:/bsd

and I get...

booting> wd0a:/bsd: 2023424 failed(5). will try

what is wrong ? I also booted with the floppy, then mounted the root and
usr partitions under /mnt, and the default 'bsd' kernel (about 170kb in
size) was there.
I thought maybe it somehow had been corrupted on my FAT16 partition, so
I went to look in /usr/src/sys to build a new one...but 'sys' did not

any tips ?

thanks in advance, 

      - Rune.   (please respond by direct e-mail)