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loadbsd problem (Amiga)

G'Day everyone,
	I'm doing a trial install of OpenBSD 2.4 on my A4000/040... I
downloaded the release, and tried to run 'loadbsd bsd.rd'. The hard drive
churned, my RAM dropped by about 4 Mb, the computer thought for a bit, and
then gave me an error message saying I needed an newer version of loadbsd.
I am using loadbsd (I also tried loadbsd.ixemul) from the 2.4 FTP
distribution, the latest version of ixemul.library from aminet, have 16Mb
fast RAM, and no prior install of BSD (or any similar OS).

The only problem I think could be with the datestamps (I haven't checked
them yet) - they may have been messed up by a lack of using 'copy clone',
but if that's what is causing this I'll kick myself.

Can anyone help?

Mike Wyatt