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Re: setting up swap

>I recently installed OpenBSD 2.4 on a PC and when I partitioned the disk, I
>made it one big partition and now when it boots I get a warning message
>that there is no swap.  (Ooops.)
>Instead of having to install via ftp again (which took over an hour), I
>have an old 81MB drive that I would like to make the swap.  My question is,
>what steps to I take to make this happen?

MY recomendations in order:
1) Buy a CD.  Reinstall, and make sure that your root file system is not
on the same partition as the rest of the system.  2.5 is comming soon so you
might want to wait a week or two.
2) FTP the .tar.gz files to a local machine, then do another ftp install
from the local copy (see above).
3) Rebuild your kernel to use swap on another disk/partition other than
wd0b/sd0b (also see above).

Aaron Jackson

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