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Re: install: 10base2 vs. 10baseT

Federico wrote:

[edited for brevity]

>   Doesn't exactly mean that. If you want to use 10baseT you should use
> the "10base2" media option. The explanation is in the we(4) manpage.
>   Have you tried with 10base2?

Hm, I must have misunderstood the manpage, then.
>> Now when I boot from floppy24.fs (for lack of a dmesg command) it says:
>   btw, in the boot disk the dmesg output can be found in /kern/msgbuf.

Ah, TNX for this tip.

>> 2. Can I do something to make it use the same iomem area as Linux? The
>>    card works fine under Linux, e.g. I can NFS mount the directory on
>>    another machine containing the OpenBSD 2.4 distribution.
>   Sure, boot using the -c switch to get into UKC.
>   Then change we0 (or we1) to match your configuration.

Yep, thank you very much! Changing we1 using the UKC seems to have solved
my problem (with afterwards accepting "media 10base2" for the card). The
system is installing OpenBSD 2.4 from an NFS mounted directory as I type.

Also thanks to all the other people who bothered to send me email with
tips and stuff!

CU, Sico (who is eager to familiarise himself with OpenBSD).