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Re: Kaffe 1.0b3

>Has anyone been able to run any AWT stuff with kaffe 1.0b3 from the
>ports collection?

>I'm running XFree86 3.3.3.

Well, I have, but then I put it into the Ports collection.  I use the
standard X11R6 that ships with OpenBSD 2.4.

Can you be a bit more specific about any actual problems you might
be having, or were you just wondering if it worked or not?

Not just AWT; that release runs a certain amount of Swing stuff too,
but I had to use a Frame, not a JFrame.

BTW, 1.0b4 was released just after the cutoff for ports; I hope to have
an update for that in a week or so (it didn't compile out of the box for
me the first time I tried).

Ian Darwin