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network problems

I'm running obsd2.4 i386(celeron300) with almost all the patches applied.....
(i have all the network related patches applied).

This computer is at the isp's lan. The problem is that from the machine,
i can ping and traceroute perfectly. But, when trying from outside,
i can't ping. I talked to the network manager, but we saw no
problems regarding router configuration. There are other computers in the same
lan working normally.

The weird is that I can ssh in the machine (in about 1 minute) and while
in, the conection seems perfect.

While doing some tests, I've realized something: everytime the network
(ne2) is in activity, i can ping from outsite perfectly.

Does anyone know how can i fix it ? Could it be a kernel configuration, or
bios or something, like lan wake-up ??

Thanks for your attention,

- Gustavo Henrique Maultasch de Oliveira