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UPS monitor


Does anybody know any UPS monitoring software, which known to work under

OpenBSD ? (I have OpenBSD 2.3 on i386).

I was trying to install several UPS monitoring daemons from FreeBSD
ports, and with no success. I especially interested in such a software
for APC SmartUPS 600 and BackUPS Pro 420.

The bkpupsd - very simple BackUPS Pro monitoring daemon from FreeBSD
ports - works fine for me on FreeBSD3.0 with my APC BackUPS Pro 420. It
compiles cleanly on OpenBSD, but after start, it begin reports never
ending "Battery Low" signal. When I unplug UPS power input, this daemon
succesfully gets "Power Fail" signal from UPS and then shutdown the
system. But at the same time, daemon can't shutdown the UPS itself. It
looks like daemon can read from serial ports (I used cua00, cua01) but
can't write into them. Other daemons showed similar behaviour.

Can anybody explain, what I am missing ? May be something wrong with my
ttys settings ? Other suggestions ?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my broken english.

Vadim Valiakhmetov
Sysadmin, SibLine Co.    mailto:vadim_(_at_)_sibfair_(_dot_)_nsc_(_dot_)_ru