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Re: T-shirts

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Theo de Raadt wrote:

	Yeah, I want a #2.  :)  A friend here at work got one at the last
LISA, but didn't pick one up for me.  I'm glad they're coming back.

# > While it's good to know there's new artwork, I'm a newcomer to
# > OpenBSD and think the old shirts 1-3 look pretty spiffy.
# I am pretty sure that we will be bringing some of the old shirts
# along, and eventually selling them via our web page too.
# There's a lot of demand.  Don't worry, I'm listening.  Especially for
# the wireframe, which everyone who asks me about it says is is pretty
# much one of the most unique t-shirts they've ever seen.  (You gotta feel
# the texture to understand).

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