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theos.com threatened with legal action

As some of you know, Theo de Raadt's personal domain, theos.com, has been
threatened with legal action by a software company in california.  The
email and fedexed letter have both been posted to the front page of

Since then, someone's mailed the news to slashdot (and Theo's ISDN is
straining to keep up with the hits) and the threatening company's website
has mysteriously stopped working (www.theos-software.com).  It's worthwhile
to end this quickly by dropping email to the president of Theos
(Timothy Williams, twilliams_(_at_)_theos-software_(_dot_)_com) and telling him that you,
as a potential consumer (emphasis on potential, perhaps....) of his 
products, find this behavior untolerable.

Read the web page, send bitch mail, bcc: theo.  Let's see if we can keep
this one from ever going to court.  NSI policy sucks.

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