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Re: Streaming media

>   So after I convince all the kids at work that they want an OpenBSD box,
> they decide they want to stream real audio/video off it, and run java 
> Bah.. so my question is this: has the java sitution changed much since I asked 
a few months ago,
> and is there anything ported to stream 'media'?

For Java you can either use Kaffe, a GPL'd JDK1.1 clone, or the FreeBSD
or Linux ported JDK's. Kaffe is in /usr/ports/lang/kaffe1.  You SHOULD
be able to run servlets with either JVM, but I've not tried it yet;
it's still on my todo list.  My plan is to use the Java Servlet API
download with the version of Apache that is in current sources.

Ian Darwin

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