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Problems with /usr/src/games/snake

I couldn't do a make build because it failed during 'make clean' in
/usr/src/games/snake. It was complaining about 'snake' being a 
directory -- and sure enough there seemed to be an extraneous (?)
directory /usr/src/games/snake/snake. I removed this directory but it
still failed.

I then 'rm -rf snake' in /usr/src/games and did a cvs update.

The update failed with the message

cvs [update aborted]: there is a version in snake/snake already.

But I can't see any directory snake/snake.

I have the 2.4 CD union mounted under /usr/src and haven't been 
having any problems doing make builds for the last couple of months.

Can anyone tell me what's going on? What with one thing and another
this is the second week I've missed my OpenBSD make build to track
current. I'm getting twitchy....

.... Ken