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Re: More on error 553

Here is another snippet of /var/log/maillog, which illustrates

a) an apparently successful application of one sendmail ruleset to fetchmail's
offering (fetchmail did not hang):

Mar 12 18:05:52 foopie sendmail[9867]: SAA09867: ruleset=CheckMessageId,
relay=IDENT:bernie_(_at_)_foopie_(_dot_)_ruptured-duck_(_dot_)_org [], reject=553 Header

b) another example of the problematic ruleset, upon which fetchmail grinds to
a halt:

Mar 13 00:10:09 foopie sendmail[19294]: AAA19294: ruleset=check_mail,
arg1=<john_(_at_)_hasler_(_dot_)_dhh>, relay=IDENT:bernie_(_at_)_foopie_(_dot_)_ruptured-duck_(_dot_)_org
[], reject=501 <john_(_at_)_hasler_(_dot_)_dhh>... Sender domain must exist
Mar 13 00:10:09 foopie sendmail[19294]: AAA19294: from=<john_(_at_)_hasler_(_dot_)_dhh>,
size=0, class=0, pri=0, nrcpts=0, proto=ESMTP,
relay=IDENT:bernie_(_at_)_foopie_(_dot_)_ruptured-duck_(_dot_)_org []
Mar 13 00:10:09 foopie sendmail[7714]: AAA07714: ruleset=check_mail,
arg1=<bernie>, relay=IDENT:bernie_(_at_)_foopie_(_dot_)_ruptured-duck_(_dot_)_org [],
reject=553 <bernie>... Domain name required

Can someone explain how this last ruleset is _supposed_ to function? After
popping the 'reject=501', what is sendmail trying to do, such that it is
attempting to send to 'bernie?' 

>From the appearance of the above, if I could get sendmail to use a bernie_(_at_)_fqdn
for 'arg1', then all would be well.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the list's silence wrt my questions has me
a tad puzzled. In case folks think I'm getting replies off-list, the answer is
no, I'm not.

Bob Bernstein at Esmond, Rhode Island, USA


It's not over: see my 'Op-Ed History of the Impeachment' at