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Re: The Bulgarian Mirror???

On Thu, Mar 11, 1999 at 05:23:35PM +0200, fire fire wrote:
> The Bulgarian Mirror seems to be NOT functioning
> from at least 3-4 months, as of 2.4 of BSD.
> At least, that's what I see--cannot establish any connection
> to the machine in question [www, ftp, mail].
> Traceroute doesn't work.
> Keep in mind that this machine [actually the net to which it is
> attach] is even linked to the inner circle [in-country backbone]
> and still can't access it.
> I have tryed traceroute from cerf.net and the same result.
> Any information on the problem, and at least, note on the
> web page that it is temporarely unavailable.

it won't work because the machine in question (logrus.digsys.bg)
is now non-existent... the new address should be http://dread.orbitel.bg/openbsd
but I seem to have forgotten my cvs password and can't update it myself;-)
the mirror should be faster now, because it is better connected...


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