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Re: running a multia headless

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Alex Rice wrote:

>If I boot the machine without a keyboard, it apparently tries to use the
>serial port as a console. How do I turn this feature off?  This box is

I've got the same machine over here and AFAIK it is not possible to
boot without keyboard and with "normal" serial port.

>going to do PPP/NAT for my house-net. I don't want to run it with a
>monitor or keyboard.

I tried the same with a modem but couldn't get ppp(userland) oder pppd
working. ppp connects fine but comes out of sync with any server after a
few KBytes while pppd just won't connect (LCP Config Request failure or
so). Did you have any trouble setting up your ISDN adapter?



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