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Re: Connecting terminal to Sparc IPC

Diego Zamboni <zamboni_(_at_)_cs_(_dot_)_purdue_(_dot_)_edu> wrote:

> I have a SparcStation IPC running OpenBSD 2.4, and I am trying to
> connect a text terminal (a Wyse 50) to the serial port.

> I have also set the EEPROM settings of the serial lines (ttya-mode and
> ttyb-mode) to "19200,8,n,1,h"

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but the getty settings should override
the EEPROM settings. The latter are important if you want to use the
terminal as console.

> I have tried connecting both the Auxiliar and Modem ports of the
> terminal to both ttya and ttyb,

You want to connect the "modem" port to your serial port of choice.

> I have never before connected a terminal, and I do not have the manual
> for the Wyse50, so I may be missing something obvious.

You do know that you need to use a null-modem cable, don't you?

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