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Connecting terminal to Sparc IPC


I have a SparcStation IPC running OpenBSD 2.4, and I am trying to
connect a text terminal (a Wyse 50) to the serial port. I have already
configured /etc/ttys to start getty on both ttya and ttyb with the
std.19200 setting, and I have set both the "Auxiliar" and "Modem" 
ports of the terminal to 19200 baud. I have also set the EEPROM settings
of the serial lines (ttya-mode and ttyb-mode) to "19200,8,n,1,h" (I have
also tried with "19200,8,n,1,-", setting the terminal correspondingly),
as well as both ttya-rts-dtr-off and ttya-ignore-cd to "false" (same for
ttyb). However, all has been without success. I haven't been able to
get a login prompt on the terminal. I have tried connecting both the
Auxiliar and Modem ports of the terminal to both ttya and ttyb, with
the same results.

I have never before connected a terminal, and I do not have the manual
for the Wyse50, so I may be missing something obvious. Any help or
tips will be greatly appreciated!


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