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Multiple definitions of vm_page_alloc_contig while loading OSS module

Hi.  I am trying to load the OSS LKM.  I have commented the
appropriate audio options in the arch/`machine/conf directory.  Now
when I try to load the OSS LKM, I get warnings about multiple
definitions of vm_page_alloc_contig.  What kernel option or options do 
I have to switch off to undefine this in the kernel so that the module 
can have its own definition of it?  What is the best way to find this
out?  Also, I read that the OSS LKM is built to be compatible with
2.4, but not necessarily with 2.4-current.  Have there been any
relevant changes (I run current) which would prevent the OSS LKM from
being compatible with 2.4-current?  Thanks for your input,


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