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[isp-services] Old Suns and clones for sale (fwd)

For your imformation.


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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 14:25:13 -0800
From: Kurt Sussman <kls_(_at_)_best_(_dot_)_com>
To: isp-services_(_at_)_ispc_(_dot_)_org
Subject: [isp-services] Old Suns and clones for sale

A client has a bunch of Super Workstation II+/50 machines and a
few real SS2s for sale. If it works, it has at least 16M RAM, a
good external SCSI port, working frame buffer and working ethernet
interface. $100 each, with an untested keyboard.

There are also some broken ones (organ donors), $20 if you buy a
working box. There are two Axil 320 (SS10 clone) cases, one of
which will boot if you put a CPU and memory in it, but it has a
bad NIC. Take both away for $100.

There are also some 23" racks with shelves and smoked glass doors,
but no side panels. They were $1800 each new, they'd like to get
$400. The racks have cast aluminum frames, and can be diassembled
and packed fairly flat for transport.

There are also lots of old 486 PCs, perfect for Linux or BSD routers.
Most have no hard drives and funky NICs, but they work. $35 each,
or make an offer for 2 or more.

There's a lot more stuff, but to fully appreciate it you'll have
to visit the site in San Mateo, California. I'd prefer to sell to
people who can come pick it up so there are no disagreements about
whether it worked when I put it in a box or not. It'll also solve
the box problem (I don't have any) and the 'who pays for shipping'

If you think any of these prices are too high, please tell me what
they should be. We're pretty flexible on this stuff, and it has to
be gone by the end of the month. Whatever's left will be donated
to local schools.

    Merlot Research Group, Inc               http://www.merlot.com
    Software Quality and Testability Consulting     kls_(_at_)_merlot_(_dot_)_com

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