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Recommended SCSI controllers

Looking for a SCSI 3/Ultra Wide (aka LVD) SCSI controller.

Adaptec makes one, Bus logic makes one, QLogic (who I don't
know) makes one.

Adaptec:  aha2940u2w   (around US$290)
Mylex:    BT-958w       US$???
QLogic:   ???

Any recommendations as to which ones are good (or at least suck
less)?  I understand the difference between 'the host can run
with the card in' and 'high performance I/O lets it get 60MB/s,
sustained.'  It needs to run under OpenBSD 2.4 (or greater) and,
for testing sake, under Linux (briefly, so I can keep the
emulation libs up to date!).

I would also need to attach scsi 3 (plain 68pin) disks to the
chain as well.

It will cohabitate with an older ISA adaptec card that supports
slower devices (CDRom, 8mm tape, slower disks) unless I can attach
them without much worry (the adaptec seems to support SCSI 2 and
both SCSI-3s).