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Re: Passwords take 30 seconds

Gerry Belanger wrote:
> At 01:06 AM 2/5/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >so, is your network up by the time you logging in?
> >OR you have resolver problems...
> >OpenBSD installs /etc/resolv.conf, some defaults you provide
> >by the time of installation.
> Well, I re-installed, no networking, hence no resolv.conf.
> still takes 30 sec to login or su.  But as some others have
> pointed out, on a 486/33 16Meg, this might be normal.
> This time I don't remember the install script giving me a choice
> of blowfish or MD5.  Time to peruse some man pages.  Since this
> box will eventually be on an internal network (once I find an
> Intel ethernet card), and the users (all 3 of us) will get the
> root passwd, real security is not a major concern for this particular
> box.  But it will be the first free Unix box in the lab, and others will
> be looking at it's behavior relative to the Mot '147 and 187 unix
> boxes in use.
> gerryb
> Gerry Belanger, WA1HOZ                  wa1hoz_(_at_)_ct2_(_dot_)_nai_(_dot_)_net
> Newtown, CT                             g_(_dot_)_belanger_(_at_)_ieee_(_dot_)_org

	I once experienced something like this on FreeBSD with the Kerberos
server running. Once I stopped it, su was quicker.

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