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netscape and sparc2 (4c)

Back again for help...
I checked my configuration and I have both compat_sunos and
compat_svr4 compiled in the kernal. I first tried the method
detailed in the compat_sunos manpage, creating the necessary
dir's and copying files from a Solaris2.4 disk. One of the
group here (Jason W.) informed me that compat_sunos refers to
SunOS 4.x (Solaris 1.x), and that I should try compat_svr4. I
read the manpage, again created the necessary dir's, copied 
the files from the disk.

At least I think I copied the correct files. The dir's on the
disk that I copied are:

The manpage states that I should copy /usr/lib and /usr/openwin/lib, but
there are no such dir's on the disk.

There are, however, over a dozen usr/lib subdir's, all
in the "Patches" tree, ie:
/mnt/cdrom/Patches/101907-02/SUNWvolu/reloc/usr/lib or 

And over a dozen */lib dir's such as:
and /mnt/cdrom/Solaris_2.4/SUNWxwoft/reloc/openwin/lib.

Regardless, I then attempted to run both navigator-v408 and
Communicator-v45. A call to Nav prints "illegal system call"
and dies, and a call to Comm says "Abort trapped. Core dumped".

I don't know if it means anything, but I did a "strings" on the 
core dump, and in the 3rd or 4th line of the output was

BTW, this is the same result I was getting when I used the 
compat_sunos method.

Another of the group here (Chris C.) suggested I buy a copy of
the Solaris 7 media from Sun. I will do that if someone can
tell me that is definitely my problem. I am working on a very
limited budget (my money) for a project at work. 
And another (Trevor C.) suggested I try compiling mozilla, as
it is in the 2.4 ports tree. But a quick look at the "caveats"
file informed me that it "compiles but doesnt run".

I ask anyone that has successfully gotten netscape (or heck, any
gui browser that understands frames and forms) to run to please
explain in detail the steps you took to accomplish it.

Thanx in advance.


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