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Re: problem with Postfix port

Louis Bertrand writes:
> The port of Qmail, Postfix, Smail or whatever should establish links as
> suggested by DJB.

Yes, this will probably become part of the standard installation process
for several MTAs. We'll move sendmail into /usr/libexec/sendmail/.

But this doesn't solve the problem if the standard sendmail installation
insists on overwriting /usr/sbin/sendmail.

> The argument for a single supported MTA (in this case, sendmail) is that
> the mailer is a central portion of the OS environment -- you can't
> function without it.

root's shell and editor are central portions of the OS environment. You
can't function without them. Nevertheless UNIX provides configuration
mechanisms---/etc/passwd and $EDITOR---so that the system administrator
can choose his own shell and editor. These choices aren't blown away by
OS upgrades.


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