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I've finally got a clean install of v2.3 on a 486DX2-66 with a 402 meg IDE
drive and an IDE (ITAPI) CD drive. Everything is working fine, all
selected tar balls installed etc. The system boots okay from a power down

When I do a 'halt' and then press a key to reboot as promte, or 'shutdown
-r now' the system hangs during the 'blue screen' device identificatin
sequence at the following line:

WD0: using 8-sector 16-bit spac pio transfers, LBA addressing

It just sits here and won't go any farther. If I do a power cycle reboot
it comes back to life, runs the whole boot sequence and stops as the
login: prompt as I would expect.

Any ideas on what's wrong with a reboot using 'halt' and/or 'shutdown'
commands? What should I do?


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