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amd in a Solaris environment?


I'm having some difficulty getting amd to work in our solaris-centric
nfs/nis'ed environment. ypbind gets the maps just fine, but amd
is having some trouble swallowing the solaris "standard" auto.home:

user host:/foo/&

The log tells me:

Sep 11 10:37:46 inferno amd[25381]: key jkatz: No value component in "anguish:/export/home/&"
Sep 11 10:37:46 inferno amd[25381]: No fs type specified (key = "jkatz", map = "auto.home")

I need to figure out how to convince amd that fstype is always nfs, and that
"value" needs to be split into "rhost" and "fs".

Red Hat Linux uses a derivitave of the BSD amd that reads in a "amd.conf"
file which seems to solve the problem:

/defaults fs:=${autodir}/${rhost}/root/${rfs};opts=nosuid,nodev
*       rhost:=${key};type:=host;rfs:=/

How can I achieve these results using our amd in its current form? 
I'm sure someone has done it already.....



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