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NIC question

I am trying to connect three different subnets together using a pc as a 
gateway/router running 2.3.  I put three nic's in the pc (3c509's) but I am
having trouble getting the kernel to see three network devices ie ep0, ep1,
and ep2 (only ep0 exists but doesn't work with all three cards installed).
I tried something like

ep0 at isa? port ? irq ?
ep1 at isa? port ? irq ?
ep2 at isa? port ? irq ?

in the kernel conf file, but that didn't work.  I suppose I need to fill in
the question marks with values, but I don't really know much about pc
hardware, irqs and the like. Could somebody point me to a faq or howto
or possible let me know what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks.

Aaron Jackson		jackson_(_at_)_msrce_(_dot_)_howard_(_dot_)_edu