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Re: Can't install IBM HD on Sparc IPX


I think you've got the wrong mailing list. We talk about OpenBSD
running on the Sparc platforms, not Solaris. You can find the
"Master format.dat" by looking at www.sunhelp.com which should have
entries for your drive. If you can't find it, "man format.dat" and
edit format.dat with info on your drive. Then you should be able
to use it. Setting up disks to use under OpenBSD/Sparc is much


On Sun, 26 Jul 1998, Lau, Francis Chi Kin (Francis) wrote:

:I just bought a new IBM DCAS-34330 4.3GB HD for my Sparc IPX. When I run
:format, the screen does not show the IBM HD device on screen. How can I
:format this HD? I know this IBM-DCAS-34330 HD which is not SUN pre-default
:one , how can I setup this new HD on my Sparc IPX? When I boot my system,
:the screen shows "Big Magic Number" what is that? My IPX config is - Solaris
:2.5.1, 64MB, two 404MB hard disks Sun pre-defaulted. Please let me know, if
:you have any question. Thanks for your time and attention. I am hearing from
:you ASAP.

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