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Can't install IBM HD on Sparc IPX!!!

Dear All,

I just bought a new IBM DCAS-34330 4.3GB HD for my Sparc IPX. When I run
format, the screen does not show the IBM HD device on screen. How can I
format this HD? I know this IBM-DCAS-34330 HD which is not SUN pre-default
one , how can I setup this new HD on my Sparc IPX? When I boot my system,
the screen shows "Big Magic Number" what is that? My IPX config is - Solaris
2.5.1, 64MB, two 404MB hard disks Sun pre-defaulted. Please let me know, if
you have any question. Thanks for your time and attention. I am hearing from
you ASAP.

Best Regards,
Francis Chi Kin Lau
Network Wireless System China - System Engineering
Tel # 852-2506-5454
Fax# 852-2506-2116
e-mail : flau_(_at_)_lucent_(_dot_)_com

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