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Re: Booting Q's

On Sat, Jul 25, 1998 at 10:24:30PM -0400, Aaron Jackson wrote:
> If you bought the CD there is a boot manager, OSBS, that will do that
> for you. If not, then you can still get it from the ftp site.  You'll need a
> dos boot up disk though. You can also boot from the install floppy.  I
> think a wda0:bsd (or something like that) from the boot prompt will do the
> trick.

Another trick...

If you make the openbsd partition default and allow it to boot to a boot>
prompt you can do a 'machine boot hd0a' to boot off the 1st partition, 
hd0b the 2nd, etc.. which will get OpenBSD booted by default but allow you
to boot your other os.

Todd Fries .. toddf_(_at_)_acm_(_dot_)_org