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ncurses application

Ok, I give up, how should I write a portable ncurses application?  I am
using solaris, netbsd and openbsd, with autoconf.

I was doing fine on netbsd and solaris searching for the curses library
and linking with it.  The difficultly was with mvcur() which under
OpenBSD causes the program to produce an ld inconsistancy failure if you
don't also link with termlib. (nice error, cheers ld.)

So, I search for mvcur() in termlib and if it exists there, I link with
it too.  Brilliant, it works on OpenBSD, brilliant, it continues to work
on NetBSD - oh great, Solaris says:

ld: warning: symbol `acs_map' has differing sizes:
        (file /usr/ccs/lib/libtermlib.a(curses.o) value=0x4; file /gnu/lib/libncurses.so value=0x200);
        /usr/ccs/lib/libtermlib.a(curses.o) definition taken and updated with larger size
ld: warning: symbol `ttytype' has differing sizes:
        (file /usr/ccs/lib/libtermlib.a(setupterm.o) value=0x400; file /gnu/lib/libncurses.so value=0x100);
        /usr/ccs/lib/libtermlib.a(setupterm.o) definition taken

So what *should* I be doing?

Best wishes, James

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