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Trouble with 3GB EIDE drive

I'm trying to install OpenBSD on a Intel Pentium 200MMX system
with a Western Digital Caviar 33200 drive (3249MB, 6296 cylinders,
16 heads, 63 sec/track). My BIOS sees the drive fine, and when
I boot from the installation floppy (I'm going to install from
a CD), the initial messages say that it found the hard drive
at wd0, with all 6296 cylinders, 16 heads, and 3GB of space.

Now the problem -- I try to partition about 450MB for the root
and swap partition, so I can stay below the 1024th cylinder.
So I partition that in fdisk, but it then refuses to see
any of the hard drive above about 512MB. I want to use all 3GB
of the drive for OpenBSD.

So what am I missing? I've been looking through manpages and readmes
trying to find the answer, but I haven't had any luck. Thanks
for any help you can provide.

Dan Grabski.