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boot probs?


Thanks to Toby who helped me find what was wrong with my machine.
Turns out its BIOS was old and therefore buggy. I called ALR and 
they pointed me to the latest BIOS version. I've now and reflashed 
the BIOS. However, when I turned translation off, LBA on, and
set things normally, machine diskinfo still showed the BIOS as
giving out the bogus info (&'ing instead of compare and change.)
The boot still didn't work, giving me the same error.

Here are the #'s from machine diskinfo (they're the same as my last

Disk	BIOS	Type	Cyl	Head	Sect	Fla	Cksum
hd0	0x80	ESDI	51	16	63	0x2	0xa352b65a

By turning translation on, re-running installboot, there still are
problems. (just a hunch....) With translation ON machine diskinfo

Disk	BIOS	Type	Cyl	Head	Sect	Fla	Cksum
hd0 	0x80	ESDI	524	64	63	0x2 	0xa352b65a

I could just scrap this IDE disk and use the SCSI disks in the 
machine, but I wanted to use CCD on the SCSI disks and have this
IDE drive hold the OS.

Am I really up the creek when it comes to using an IDE disk on this box,
or is there some way around this?


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