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time() in g77

I wrote a random number generator in fortran which is initialized with the
system clock, but the version of g77 included in OpenBSD2.2 does not
support the time(3) function call. Does anybody have any experience with
linking fortran programs with C functions?  I know it can be done since
g77 is written in C and the g770.5.21 info file also mentions this.
I've looked through the g77 runtime library source code and, other than
the f2c header file, I don't see anything special in the functions that
would indicate linking to a fortran program.  I assume  that the details
are handled by the linker, but I can not seem to get it to work. If
anybody has any tips, hints or pointers on how to go about doing this,
they would be greatly appreciated.

Aaron Jackson		jackson_(_at_)_msrce_(_dot_)_howard_(_dot_)_edu

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