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dns? problem

Not sure if this is the proper forum for this but I'm willing to accept a
floggin if it's not.

Plus side I did a port from BSDI to OpenBSD added 4 disks (20gig total
added) and it took less then 2 hours.  beautiful beautiful OS.

But . isn't mapping to localhost and it's quite annoying.
ucan% telnet . 25
.: Unknown host

Being that I'm the only one in the group of my peers running OpenBSD I
really dont have anyone else to look to.

Also my system isn't booting with a 2940UW I have I have to use the 2940U
to get the system to find a boot device.  I don't *think* this has to do
with the OS but my hardware I just wanted to throw that quandry into the
wind also.


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