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qpopper + qmail + APOP only

Has anyone gotten this combination working ?

I've been trying to build qpopper with ~/Mailbox support because I run
qmail, and in APOP only command becuase I am concerned about people
sending passwords in the clear over the whole net.

But whenever we build popper, it doesn't let anyone get their mail

there is strangeness that I cannot understand that might be totally
related to pop_apop.c.  Everything in popauth seems to  work 100%.  In
pop_apop.c, when computing the hash, it takes the string passed by the
remote apop client (the pid_(_dot_)_time_(_at_)_fqdn) and  computes an md5 hash of that,
adds the md5 hash of the password (extracted correctly out of the
database) and then comes up with the wrong digest.

I can't figure out why.  It worked fine on FreeBSD :D

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