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1) I would like to add czech lng support. My 1st problem is about
composed characters (keyboard). Linux uses something like this: "compose
',' 'A' to
'<A1>'" to create &Acute; - I didn't study it more deeply, but a Linux
CZ version uses this statement.
How can I do the same thing with your src/sbin/kbd/tables/*?
What table is responsible for this: (sample only) 180 (accute accent
8859-2) + 'A' creates 193 (A with accute accent 8859-2).

2) Is it possible to change keyboard layout on the fly only with correct
config files (without changing keyb module in kernel)? It would be nice
to switch between EN and CZ layout-keyb by LShift-RShift.

3) Who works on I18N?

4) What module is responsible for switching to Cx-term by F(9+x)-key? I
haven't found it yet.

5) When rebuilding kernel (exactly as mentioned on your WWW):
....compiling param.c somewhere.....
cc1: Invalid option '-Wno-main'
What can I do?

6) When trying 'make obj' from /usr/src, I get err msgs in
.../kerberosIV, line 20 and 22:
on 20: malformed conditional
on 22: if-less endif
Is it OK?

BTW: I have got latest CVS src, and my system is 2.2i386 GENERIC.

Thank you.