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sparc 2 and modem


  I run OpenBSD 2.2 (not current) on
 a sparc staion 2. I met a problem using
 pppd. It makes chat and connection OK.
 Just after I receive my IP adress, pppd
 stops with this message : "Serial line is looped back".
 If I use the nomagic flag of pppd, the connection
 stays up but the send led of my modem is always on,
 and I can't have any IP traffic . ( ping returns -1
 with this msg : "ping: sendto: No buffer space available" )

 If someone have any idea..

 Please answer at ocrouzet_(_at_)_iway_(_dot_)_fr , I am not
   in the mailing list :)


Olivier Crouzet   - Internet Way
ocrouzet_(_at_)_iway_(_dot_)_fr    215 av G. Clemenceau  92000 Nanterre

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