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Resend: Help with compat (freebsd/Linux) for JDK

I never saw this echo through, so I'm resending... Hope it isn't a

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Greets again all-

I'm having some problems on OpenBSD(i386) -current (built on Saturday)
involving the compat_(freebsd/linux) subsystems.

Specifically, I'm trying to get either the Linux or FreeBSD port of
JDK 1.1.5 running so I can use the apache-java module (servlets).

The FreeBSD port simply hangs... I've mailed some ktrace output to the
list in a previous message, but haven't heard anything yet...

The Linux port works fine except for network sockets.  Apparently
there is some strange behavior in linux when it comes to checking for
a successfully opened socket.  Theo had provided some patches to fix
this back in November and the Linux JDK was working fine, however,
when I moved to current, things are broken again.

The latest update to compat/linux/linux_socket.c was Feb. 10th.

I thought the changes Theo had sent me had been merged into
the source, but from the current behavior, it looks like they never

I mailed ktrace data from the linux JDK port in a prior message as
well, but haven't heard anything regarding this either.

I hate to bother folks on the list, but if someone could help me fix
this problem (preferably the Linux socket thing), I'd really
appreciate it.  With an OS as secure and stable as OpenBSD, I'm sure a
lot of users would like to have an available Java port (even under

ktrace output should be in the archive, though I'd be happy to send
more if it will help.

TIA for any help.

P.S. I've tried running servlets under Kaffe 0.10.0 but kaffe seems to
have problems with it.

Tank (SPM) 	"The Big Bad Wolf"

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Tank (SPM) 	"The Big Bad Wolf"