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Job available: OS hacker at MIT

[Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.]


MIT's exokernel project needs an experienced programmer to help
develop and support a free release of our software.  The exokernel
operating system pushes most traditional OS functionality into
untrusted, user-level libraries without sacrificing protection.  This
structure separates management from protection to give untrusted
programs unprecedented control over system resources.  Aggressive
applications on our prototype exokernel have benefited substantially
from the ability to manage their own resources.  Our web server, for
instance, outperforms the best Unix server by a factor of 8.
Moreover, the ease of developing user-level software has facilitated
basic operating system innovation, particularly in the area of file
systems, so that unmodified applications often perform better on the
exokernel than on Unix.

Applicants should have experience with serious system programming (for
instance, by having participated in the development of an operating
system), be committed to free software, and be willing to work in a
very intense research environment.  The pay is lower than in industry,
but the work environment is excellent and you can redistribute what
you do without a restrictive license.

MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science is a very visible place on the
cutting edge of technology, has many excellent programmers, and offers
opportunities to explore directions that cannot be explored in
industry.  The exokernel project will allow you to get involved in the
development a novel operating system built from scratch.

For more information on exokernels check out http://www.pdos.lcs.mit.edu.
If you are interested in the job send a copy of cv or resume to 
   Jim McCarthy 
   77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge 
   MA 02139 
or to his email address : jimhmc_(_at_)_mit_(_dot_)_edu
Please, include the job number: 98-0113R

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