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Re: allowing anybody to bind low ports

Yikes, I didn't think I was going to insite a full-scale war. My appologies
to Theo for getting his blood preasure and temp up.

After all of the traffic I'm swayed by Theo's arguments and think the
necessary 'evil' of having to run daemons as root long enough to bind to
low ports (and then give up the privs) is justified and outweighs the
benefits of being able to run servers as non-root 100% of the time though
that goal would be a good thing. To date, Apache/innd/smtpd code has been
looked over carefully and are considered good enough.

So please gentlemen put your firehoses away and I'll leave in_pcb.c as I
found it.

"I've always thought we could solve a lot of problems if we didn't let
managers read PC magazines." - Corporate Software & Technology's Mickey