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fun with -current builds

Disclaimer: I'm not as good at this as Theo (wizard status) is so bear with me.

I just happened to see a compiler warning about possible dangerous use of
mktemp() instead of mkstemp() in groff/libxbib.o

Took me 4 tries to build groff. Each time the compiler aborted due to an
"internal compiler error".

Lint (v2.2) apparently is coded to look at /usr/libexec/cpp instead of
/usr/bin/cpp. Any reason why? I caught it since /usr/libexec/cpp was
symlinked to gcc-i386-unknown-openbsd22/ which just so happened to be an
empty directory. This is probably an artifact of my having started the
OpenBSD walk from v2.1 to -current via CVS and not a clean 2.2 reinstall.
It could be a potential gotcha for all 2.1 upgradee's who have upgraded via
cvs alone or it may be an artifact of my having to install base22.tar.gz to
get my system back to sanity.

Perl's autoconf script put up a bunch of non-fatal warnings about "previous
value of $d_setrgid et. al. was undef, keep previous?" when it apparently
found the said routines in the shared libraries. It's building happily as
far as I can tell but is this correct behavior?

On a 486/50, builds take an awfully long time...

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