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Hey, I picked up a DECsystem 5000/200 today from an auction.  It's pretty
bare; it just has some RAM.  Will OpenBSD boot on this machine without a i
keyboard or mouse?  Someone told me the machine couldn't, but I want to make 
sure since I'm pretty clueless about these machines.


P.S. - I just installed OpenBSD on my Mac IIcx, and I'm pretty impressed.  I'd
never used it before, so getting a functional video card for the machine was
a great excuse to try out the CD a friend bought me at a security conference
a few weeks ago.  It's replaced my PC as gateway, and has done a much more
reliable job.  I'm very happy with the operating system so far.  :)
(I feel *so* much better, having gotten that PC out of the way.)


Scott Smith

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