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Boot up

I just installed 2.2/i386 from the CD distribution on my new hard drive,
and although the install went smooth (much easier then the last time I
tried out OpenBSD) I can not boot into obsd without using the install
floppy. I have a 3.1GB IDE drive (my bios can see up tp 4.1GB) divided into
3 equal partitions DOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.  FreeBSD boots without any
problems and I haven't installed anything on the DOS partition (I want to
stay as MS free as possible) so I don't have any information from DOS.
To boot into obsd I have to boot from the install disk and type
'wd0a:/bsd' at the prompt.  After that, everything is fine.  If I try to
boot directly into obsd, os-bs tells me that there is no system
software, or something like that, and just hangs.  I have read through
the install docs, and, if I understand what it says, it would seem that the
1024 cylinder limit is not causing this because my bios can see the whole hard
drive.  So my question is, what might be the problem?  If anybody has
any suggestions, comments or help it would be greatly appreciated.

Aaron Jackson		jackson_(_at_)_msrce_(_dot_)_howard_(_dot_)_edu