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hp jetdirect card and OpenBSD Sparc 2.2 bootpd

I'm trying to boot a old jetdirect card in an hp IId printer.
I have a bootptab file that worked under SUNOS 4.1.3.
The card also works under DHCPD and Solaris 2.5.1 in a different printer
at the office.

The printer when turned on does not pass self test.

I get a "42" ( or "43") error on frontpanel. When I press reset/continue
this changes or ready or "service 69".

A model HP LJ II with the same card and network gives same error messages.

At the other end, when I invoke "bootpd -d4", the console shows attempts
to send address, setarp, etc, but it cycles at a rate of once a minute or

When I tried again using the bootpd from -current, it once loaded the
address and I was able to ping to the jetdirect. But most attempts gave
the same no response. The diagnostic printup from the printer the
one semi-successfult time said "short bootp packet" or some such.


Thanks, Clarence

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