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printer woes

I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get my HP DeksJet 660C to work 
with openbsd.

I have configured the kernel to find the correct lpt device (irq 7 
was located at lpt2 / 0x3bc, not the default lpt0 0x378).  I changed 
/etc/printcap accordingly and added my hostname to /etc/hosts.lpd.  I 
rearranged the file permissions on the spooler directory to 

The following happens when I try:

(xanax)> cat dmesg.pst | lpr


(xanax)> cat dmest.pst > /dev/lpt2

when I cat /var/spool/lpd/status, I get "printer is ready and 
printing" (or something similar, I am on my NT box writing this 
mail), and the printer spits out a couple of blank pages.  There is a 
cf and df file for the job in the queue (lpq) but strangeness ensues.

Any enlightened response would be welcomed as I have absolutely no 
experience setting up printers.

Also, on another strange note, now that I rebuilt my kernel changing 
the location of irq 7, the only messages that dmesg gives me appear 
to be PnP configuration lines.  No actual device cinfigurations are 
listed.  They appear on screen during bootstrap, they just don't 
appear when I dmesg.



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