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soundblaster dsp.

i have installed openbsd and played with it for a couple of days. one
thing i have spotted is the lack of a /dev/dsp. i am using the sb driver
and at bootitme i get a message of the kernel finding my sb and also it
says dsp at the end.
my question is: can openbsd audio code use the dsp?(havent peeked at the
code yet).
if not, is someone working on it?
i really do think it would be a good idea to get it working and adding a
/dev/dsp since many audioprograms use it, although this is an i386 only
device i am sure that many i386 OpenBSD users would appreciate to have the
ability to eg play mp3 files with mpg123 etc.

                         Patrik 'skaut' Sundberg '98
       sysadmin of forsmark.uu.se - born to run unix! - irc-fanatic
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