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Re: Installing OpenBSD onto a Sparc via floppies alone?

I'm sorry, I couldn't let this pass.

How ungratefull can people get.  Here's a group of people that have 
voluntarily created an OS that is freely available that runs on a 
multitude of platforms and they get shit for not being responsive 
enough.  If you don't like the OS, don't support it.  As Theo said, if 
you don't buy the CD there may not be any more releases.  If you've 
got something to add, do so.

Sarcasm in e-mail never comes across well.

BTW, I'm far from perfect.  I've asked dumb questions before.  I bought 
the CD, installed it on a i386 box and couldn't figure out how to get 
virtual terminals to work.  I asked here, a "ton" of people told me how 
to get it to work, BUT also said it was in the FAQ.  You know what, it 
was and if I had taken the time to read I wouldn't have had to ask here.

Thanks for y'alls work.


On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Theo de Raadt wrote:

> > 	Maybe someone should "port" the HOW-TO's for linux to OpenBSD.  It
> > would allow people a resource/place to goto for questions without
> > waiting for answers -- not that you guys are quick!
> > (Ummm.... maybe... get back to you on that.  I gotta look that over)
> Check out the new FAQ, and ask the maintainer of it questions.

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