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ppp alternatives

Most of you may not have noticed that there is a new ppp 
implementation available in OpenBSD-current in

  src/usr.sbin/ppp and src/usr.sbin/pppctl

It was originally written by a company in Japan and was called 
iijppp.  I've been modifying and upgrading it for about a year now 
(under FreeBSD), and have recently brought it into OpenBSD.

Give it a try :-)

The features include

o  Various modes of operation; demand-dialing, interactive, 
   background (with exit codes to indicate if you've got a link), 
   server (with utmp/wtmp logging) and more.
o  Deflate, predictor1 and VJ compression (including a hack to talk 
   incorrectly to pppd).
o  TCP/LOCAL socket control via pppctl for manipulating a running ppp 
o  A flexible security model.
o  Packet aliasing (or NAT) - this is currently disabled, but will be 
   an add-on soon.
o  PAP (with or without /etc/passwd) and CHAP (md5 & M$).
o  Proxy ARP.
o  Routing table manipulation.
o  Packet filtering (includes demand-dial and keepalive filters).
o  PPP over TCP.
o  M$ IPCP extensions (server side).
o  Random client IP allocation.
o  Syslogd and/or terminal logging with piles of log levels.
o  Round-robin & fallback phone numbers.
o  Round-robin port usage (w/ uucp style locking).
o  Internal and external `chat' capabilities.
o  Immediate `drop the line' capabilities via pppctl and signals.
o  Automatic loopback for the interface address.
o  Idle timers (which can be changed on-the-fly while the link is 
   active or inactive), redial capabilities, reconnect capabilities 
   (if the peer terminates), throughput statistics.....
o  A complete set of examples (/etc/ppp/ppp.*).

Feel free to mail me with reports of any problems you find.

Brian <brian_(_at_)_Awfulhak_(_dot_)_org>, <brian_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org>, <brian_(_at_)_OpenBSD_(_dot_)_org>
Don't _EVER_ lose your sense of humour....