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su weirdness

I'm having problems with su.

I had a running OpenBSD 2.1/mac68k system.  I ftp'd down all of the
installation files for 2.2 to my home directory.  I did a su to root and
copied all the 2.2 install files to /.  I then proceeded  to extract them
all using "tar -xvzf <filename>" one at a time except etc22.tar.gz which I
extracted manually to a temp directory and updated the /etc directory by
hand.  I extracted the generic-SBC kernel to / and renamed my old one.
Once done, I did a "shutdown -r now" rebooted my Mac and restarted OpenBSD.
 Everything looked fine.  I was able to log in as root from the console
fine with the same password I had for root under 2.1.  I was able to login
under a user account (which is a member of the wheel group) via the network
again with the same password I had under 2.1.  Now comes the weird part.  I
attempted to do a su from this account that is a member of the wheel group
while logged in over the network with the proper root password and it DOES
NOT WORK!  It's almost as if the su command isn't even checking the
password.  Normally on my SE/30 decrypting the root password takes a while,
but in this case, the system returned with it's "Sorry" message almost

I've checked everything I can think of.  I'm still a member of the wheel
group, I obviously know the root password because I can log in using it at
the console.  My caps lock is not on on the network PC.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions???

Thanks in advance for your help,

Rodney Hopkins

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